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The Image-Enhanced Ellipsometer consists of a complete Imaging and Picometer Ellipsometer, and a special mounting adapter for the Optical Table.

Fully compatible with the Modular System.


The Image Enhanced Ellipsometer combines the features of the Picometer Ellipsometer and the Imaging Ellipsometer in a single instrument. This unique new design is an example of the power and flexibility of the Modular System. By replacing the arms of the Optical Table with specially designed arms featuring twin mounting tracks, both Picometer and Imaging systems can be operated simultaneously on the same sample.

While the Imaging system shows either an intensity or ellipsometric image of the sample, the Picometer system gives a fast high-sensitivity readout of the ellipsometry signal at a small spot in the middle of the image. The user can image a large area of the sample instantaneously and then pick a spot in a region of interest for closer examination with the sensitivity of the Picometer Ellipsometer.

The imaging capability greatly simplifies work on non-uniform samples such as spreading or bursting drops or corroded surface.

Both the Imaging and the Picometer Ellipsometer can be upgraded to the Image-Enhanced Ellipsometer.

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