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Imaging Ellipsometer - Specification
 Light Picometer
 Modular System
 Custom Design
 & Data Analysis
   Phase Modulation  

Alternative objective lenses

Color Printer

Removable mass storage device (ZIP or JAZ drive)

Installation and training

Light Source Quartz halogen lamp, Kohler illumination. Wavelength selected by interference filter, 40 nm bandwidth. Monochromator optionally available
Polarisers Polaroid

Digital CCD camera. Resolution 12 bit per pixel, area 256x256 pixel.
Dynamic range > 70 dB (typical). Wavlength range 200 < Greek lamda < 1200 nm.
A larger CCD area (1024x1024 pixels) is available upon request. Larger CCDs reduce the measurement speed.

Spatial Resolution 3 µm at highest magnification
Table Ultra high rigidity table with incident and reflection arms in vertical plane. Arms separately driven by stepping motors with angular resolution of 1/100 degrees.Table allows rotation of arms through 360°. Closest angle between arms 20°. 140 mm free diameter in center of table. XYZ adjustable sample mount
Sensitivity Im(r), Re(r) < 10-3 at 1 s response time (reflection from glass)
Speed Ellipsometry image: 65000 pixel in 1 s. Direct image (in Brewster angle microscope mode): > 100 frames/s
Computer Control Software implemented as extension to the IgorPro data analysis package by WaveMetrics (see additional information sheet) running on Windows NT/2000. Hardware interface through PCI bus with DMA transfer of image data in real time. Contact us for information on support of Macintosh PowerPC systems
Data Analysis

Profile traces, 3-dimensional surface plotting; 3-dimensional display of time resolved data; QuickTime support. Image enhancement, FFT, digital filters etc available (especially useful in Brewster angle microscope mode). Simulations of ellipticity are provided for layers on substrates, as a function of angle of incidence, layer thickness, surface and film optical anisotropy. Data import and export in standard image formats, NanoScope AFM/STM images, and in formats of many other programs such as Excel, MatLab, and others.


    Special Features

  • Ellipsometry image calculation can be turned off for use as Brewster angle microscope
  • In most cases, the modular design of the Imaging Ellipsometer allows us to implement non-standard setups without extra charge
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