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Modular System - Component List
 Light Picometer
 Modular System
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The list of Modular System components is growing constantly.

We can also design components to customer specifications.

Contact us for details.

Light Sources
  He-Ne Laser 2 mW or 5 mW (the latter is recommended for weakly reflecting surfaces)
  Laser Diode
More compact than He-Ne laser. Wavelength and output power can be specified
  Xe Arc 75 W Xe high pressure arc lamp, air cooled, with starter and power supply. EMF shielded. (l > 200 nm)
  Spectral Selection
  Interference Filters 50 - 10 nm bandwidth, all standard wavelengths available
  Filter Wheel Automatic change of filter (specify configuration)
  Monochromator Focal length 100 mm, f4, typ. resolution 4 nm (200 nm < l < 850 nm)
  Polarisers and Retarders
  Polaroid Low-cost, for visible spectrum and near UV
  Rotating Retarder Single wavelength or achromatic. Low vibration rotation stage w. microcontroller interface
  Birefringence Modulator 3 component high stability design, 50 kHz modulation frequency (l > 200 nm)
  Microscope Objective Please contact us for more information
  Photomultiplier 11 stage Thorn EMI end-on type, S-20 response, with housing and high voltage power supply (180 < l < 950 nm)
  Si Photodiode UV-enhanced Si diode with low-noise preamp, separate AC/DC outputs. (180 < l < 1100 nm)
  CCD Camera 12-bit digital, 256x256 pixel, > 100 frames/s; PCI framegrabber board and software. (200 < l < 1200 nm)
  Mounting System
  Goniometer Table Vertical mount, 360° rotation. Angular resolution 1/20 degree. Step motor arm drive with control unit. High rigidity design for direct mounting of all components
  Sample Mounts All Modular System components are precision mounted in fixed height optical track mounts. Blank mounts available for customer modifications
  Sample Stage Standard xyz mount, 25 mm travel. Computer controlled scanning stage available
  Microcontroller Provides true background real-time data acquisition w. lock-in interface and 6 additional analog inputs (12 and 16-bit versions available; acquisition rate 60 kHz max) and 2 analog outputs. 3 stepping motor drivers for standard 4 phase stepping motors. Can be used as interface to Lock-In, Birefringence Modulator, monochromator, filter wheels, Arm drive, retarder, polariser, and custom devices. Connection to host computer via standard serial port (max. data rate 57,600 baud)
  Computer Pentium II computer under Windows NT/2000. Options: Printer, ZIP/JAZ drive
  Software IgorPro data analysis and visualisation software from WaveMetrics with custom extensions
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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