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Basic software is provided to control individual components of the instrument separately. Different instrument control extensions do not obstruct each other, so that several instruments can be controlled from the same computer.


The mechanical design of the Modular System is based on the component mounting track on the arms of the Optical Table.

Each component sits on its own individual mount, which slides along the length of the table arm. This allows the instrument to be easily reconfigured. In addition, non standard components can quickly be integrated into the setup to adapt the instrument to different requirements.

The modular approach is continued in the computer control software, which is based on the Igor data analysis package by WaveMetrics.

For each instrument a software extension is supplied that adds a graphical instrument control user interface to Igor. Additional functionality, such as ellipsometric data simulation, is provided through Igor macro packages. The system is fully customizable by the user, or can be adapted to user specifications by Beaglehole Instruments.

light sources Light Sources
filters Filters/
lenses Lenses/ Optics


detectors Detectors
software Software

The modular system allows a single-wavelength Picometer Ellipsometer to be modified for spectral measurements, or turned into an Imaging Ellipsometer for mapping an area on a sample instantaneously.

The components of the Picometer and Imaging Ellipsometer can be combined into the Image-Enhanced Ellipsometer. These modifications can be made at any time, and require only the purchase of the additional components, while others such as light sources and polarisers are kept. Light sources and filters can be changed to adjust the spectral range, and components can be shared between different instruments.

Blank mounts are available, allowing users to add components of their own design. In this way, the standard configuration of any ellipsometer can quickly be adapted to a wide range of measurements, protecting your investment.

In addition, the Modular System is the ideal solution for researchers who need to set up a customized system cost efficiently and fast. In both standard and non-standard applications, the Modular System makes our instruments easy to use, affordable, and

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