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Please note that downloading files from this site represents an acceptance of the Beaglehole Instruments Software License Conditions which are included with updates and available online here.

Archived Updates

Brief download instructions for the update package can be found here. These updates are packaged in password protected ZIP archives - the password will be emailed on request.

File to downloadDescription (2.45Mb)Beaglehole Instruments manuals and measurement software update. View new features here. (45Kb)

This file is included with bi_update_22May03.We recommend that you download and install this update if you decide not to download the full update above.
Hot-Fix for a problem where the y/Im(r)/Delta curve in an Ellipsometry Data graph was not converted between different parameter formats. (2.45Mb)Beaglehole Instruments manuals and measurement previous software update. (2Mb) Manual for the Beaglehole Instruments multilayer ellipsometry data analysis system

We extensively test software releases to ensure the update process will be problem free. If you encounter any difficulties during or after an update, please contact us at

We attempt to address all issues brought to our attention. Please do not hesitate to contact us with bug reports, feature requests, or feedback. Your input is invaluable in improving our products and service.

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