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Support - Software Update - Features

Depending on the current version of the software installed on your system, this update will introduce a number of changes and new features such as:
  • Improved signal processing on the Measurement Controller to provide better short-term noise performance for the Picometer Ellipsometer.
  • A dedicated Ellipsometry Data Browser for the Igor based user interface.
  • A new ellipsometry data analysis system, based on the Ellipsometry Data Browser, which allows analysis of spectroscopic and angle resolved data from multilayer samples. This is a work in progress, and feedback is encouraged.
  • Improved handling of image data.
  • Improved support for time resolved measurements and measurements at different wavelengths for the Imaging Ellipsometer.

For a detailed description of the changes in the software, please refer to the files 'history_release-date.txt' and the file manual_supplement_release-date.pdf included with the unpacked update files.

Recent upgrade history can be viewed online here.

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