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The Beaglehole Instruments software update assumes you are running Wavemetrics Igor Pro version 4.07 or later. You can update your version of Igor by obtaining and applying the free Igor updaters located at
  1. Download the latest bi_update archive file to a temporary directory on your local hard disk.
  2. Unpack the downloaded archive file file using a program such as ZipCentral or WinZip. The unpack file destination should be set to "c:\Program Files\Wavemetrics\Igor Pro Folder\ ". You will need the password sent by email to all Beaglehole Instruments customers.
  3. Read the detailed install instructions found in the "readme_update_release-date.txt" text file included with the unpacked update files. An online version of the install readme file can be viewed here.
  4. The additional archive file contains a preliminary manual and an example experiment for the new ellipsometry data analysis system. If you work with multilayer samples and are interested in using the analysis software, you should download this manual as well.

 If you encounter any difficulties during or after an update, please contact us at

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